“All men dream; but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty
recesses of their minds
Awake to find that it was vanity;
But the dreamers of day are dangerous men.
That they may act their dreams with open
eyes to make it possible.”

T. E. Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia)

Sometimes I stare in my blank screen and feel like screaming inside or pulling my hair out. The words will just not come. At least not the right ones – the ones that feel right. It goes the same for designs or survey/testing questions.

As a junior I would always try to push through this by being even more focused on the task, by forcing myself to work, to write, to design, by trying harder. Growing into a designer, I realized that is the worst thing I can do. I started dreaming big, I started daydreaming. Because for one that dreams, everything is possible.

In times when insecurity crawls back, and I feel myself sliding into that junior mentality, I ask myself … Is Daydreaming something that we should avoid? Something that is bad? Something that in the world in which productivity is the thing that we value the most, is perceived to be almost illegal…

But then I think of the work of every artist, designer, writer, inventor and think how they would work in the world where daydreaming was not allowed. Would they be as brilliant as they were/are if they had to close their minds to wolds that people outside their mind don’t see? The video below answers all those questions.

Until next time, become a dreamer!

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