UXD Girl is a small passion project for Career changers from Career changers

It’s hard to believe that UXD Girl is celebrating its 7th year in 2022. Even though the number of articles probably doesn’t reflect the 7 years, the blog has been alive through all of these and have have gone through quite a transformation from being Pia’s personal blog, a blog that helped students she used to work with, to a collaborative blog that focuses on supporting career changers by career changers themselves. 

In its essence this blog’s purpose is to support Career changers who are stepping in their new design roles by proving collection of useful resources, tips, and stories.

But as we know that sometimes talking isn’t enough, we also offer mentoring and coaching sessions to help bridge the gap between knowledge gathering (school, bootcamp, self-learning) and thriving in a design career. 

We invite you to use this blog as a resource, and connect with us so that we can support you on your path to thriving in your new career. 

Connect with Pia and the rest of the girls here:

Pia Klancar

Pia Klancar

Team lead Product & UX Design | ICF accredited Coach | Team & Career Coach

Carmina Viertel

Freelance Product Designer with a background in communications and digital diplomacy

Saman Shadab

Product & Communication Designer with over 10 years experience in corporate brand and identity

Kim Selby

Product / UX Designer and a certified Agile practitioner with a background in the music industry


Marta Koziarz

Product designer with more than 8 years of Marketing & PR professional background