About me

UXD Girl is a small passion project of a Senior UX Designer – Pia Klancar

Sometimes I wish I was a ninja. Or a pink unicorn. You know, the UX designer that rocks at absolutely everything. Truth is I’m just me, but if I’d have to name my one superpower, it would be problem-solving in all possible situations and if I’d have a spirit animal it wouldn’t be a unicorn, but a panda – black and white, like most of my designs.

I’ve done many different things in the last 15 years, but they all supported me to become a coach, a designer, and a bridge-builder who believes in collaborative work.

I’ve created this blog as a means to express myself through writing and answer some of the pressing questions my UX/UI students have on a weekly basis. Its essence is to help UX Designers learn, grow, and get the career they dream of through sharing knowledge, mentoring, and career coaching.


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