Hello world

Hello world

Here it is … the first one. The one that is always bad. Really, how hard is it to write your first post on a new Blog? You might think that the hardest thing to do once you decided you’re going to write, is finding a good theme or creating one, but it’s not.

As a blogger you might get this itch inside, that feeling that you want to write. But it’s not really the want, it’s the need. So you start thinking about what you could write about, and what your tone is going to be, and you get so many great ideas. The inspiration is everywhere. It pours out every little thing that you see.

Then you sit down, find a good theme or create one. And if you are a designer or a developer, you battle with yourself if you should design and code your own Blog or not. Believe me, it took too much of my time to decide that designing and coding my own Blog would cost me way more than buying a theme, supporting a fellow designer, and tweak it to suit my own needs and wishes.

Then you start to write. Or not.

Do you know that feeling when you sit down and you want to write? You get yourself a hot cup of something really yummy, sit down, crack your knuckles, put your hands on the keyboard, wiggle with your fingers … you are so ready to start … wiggle your fingers some more, open Facebook, spend 15-30 minutes browsing, open 20 tabs that you’ll never have time to read, come back to your blog, wiggle your fingers again … sigh … and give up.

When that happens to me, I usually write a blog post like this and never publish it. I need a push to write, I need a steady rhythm of my fingers tapping on the keys, I need good music, and then magic happens. True inspiration comes.

But to keep it short. This blog will probably not be the most business like blog about user experience. I invest all that I have my work, and this is what this Blog will be about – my work and my passion to support and mentor other people into the field, especially women. People who like the more personal approach to blogging will find themselves enjoy my writing, others probably won’t. But that’s okay.

To finish my babbling today I want to shout, Hello World! Welcome to my Blog!

Pia Klancar

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