You don’t need to know everything

You don’t need to know everything

Perhaps it’s just me, but sometimes when I want to start something new I get stopped by my own inner voice telling me I don’t know enough about the thing that I want to start doing.

For me knowing enough is often times knowing all that I can and that moment when I stop myself is always a moment of THE decision – will I quit or will I continue.  How will I continue and avoid becoming overwhelmed and frustrated in the process?

I’ll be honest…sometimes I just quit. Not many times, but a few, yes. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth my time and energy. On the other hand sometimes I throw myself into that thing and burn like a match because I become overwhelmed by the process. I don’t realize I don’t need to know everything to start. I don’t need all the knowledge in the world to be successful in the process.

I received Steve Krug’s Don’t make me think book for my birthday and it took me 9 months to pick it up again. I did that today with my coffee and the first sentence I read was: “You don’t need to know everything.” It got to me enough that I’m here thinking about this.

Krug continues with a passage from the story A Study in Scarlet where Dr. Watson is shocked to learn that Sherlock Holmes doesn’t know that the Earth travels around the Sun. Holmes explains that by saying: “What the deuce is it to me? You say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work.”

And he’s right. I’m not saying don’t learn anything. I’m saying learn A LOT, as much as you can, but don’t get stopped by thinking that you need to know everything. You’ll never know everything. Even after 10 years in the field you won’t know everything.

Learn how to search for quality information, how to remember quick, and how to implement even quicker.

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