To all women working in tech

To all women working in tech

…and those that want to. I took me some time to think over the situation last week, and to be honest, I still don’t fully know how I feel about it. I’m talking about the infamous “Google manifesto” that women are unsuited to tech jobs due to their biological bias. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can see the whole manifesto at Gizmodo. I do not want to go into discussing this piece that stirred tech last week. I have my thoughts on it, but they are not important here. They however made me write this post.

I’m one of the women in tech. I am a bridge between the logical/analytical and purely artistic parts of our development. And I feel good about it. I’m strong when it comes to people, psychology, teaching, leading… I may be in tech, but my work focuses on people. This guy could be right about me. I’ll never be a coder, but I do not believe that this is due to me having boobs or vagina, but due to my love for other parts of tech. I consider myself a feminist, but not one that believes women should be equal to men. Water does not want to be the same as sun. She is different and she is bloody strong when she chooses to be. She can give life, but she can also take it. Like Sun. Just differently.

Equality does not mean copy. It means the same opportunities and resources regardless the gender. It means valuing the differences in behaviour and aspirations. And it means participation in decision making..


I have been in a situation where I felt less just because I was a woman. It was expected of me to be subordinate, to obey, and to accept the unacceptable behaviour. I was supposed to suck it up and get over it. But that is never going to be me. As an only daughter of a single mother, I am taught to push back. I am strong and choose the hard way. I always choose what I think is the right way, I rarely go for the easy one. And I am proud of that.

So to you dear woman

You are different and that is okay.

Be strong.

Be fearless.

Watch movie Hidden figures. And then watch it again. If they could do it. We sure can!

We can live our dreams every single day. It might not be easy, but the industry is changing. One little step at a time. It’s up to us to determine how fast this happens. The sad truth is that the number of women in tech is declining. Women should stick together and help each other. But they don’t! How many times have I seen them going against one another, and just look at these high school girls that are so damn mean to each other. Are we really surprised when that happens at work also?!

I am lucky. I’ve been at Cliqz for 6 months now and have worked with people from Mozilla. Both made me feel like I belong there. Both support my growth and listen to my ideas. I am grateful for that and I can tell you from my own experience that it’s possible. It’s here.

Be picky when you’re choosing where you want to work. If you can, be picky. If not, make damn sure that you learn and grow every single day, that you’ll be able to choose it one day.

I hope that one day, you will:

  • complain over long lines at toilet at work
  • not get a surprised look when you tell people what you do
  • not be seen as aggressive when asking for a raise
  • never hear words: suck it up, ease up, chill, deal with it…
  • have an equal pay without asking for it
  • be lucky like me and will work with amazing people
  • never loose your passion and light

I believe in you!

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