Sometimes I wish I was a ninja. Or a pink unicorn. You know, the UX designer that rocks at absolutely everything. Truth is I’m just me and if I’d have a spiritual animal it would be panda – black and white, like most of my designs.

I’ve done many different things in the last 15 years, but they all supported me to become a teacher, a designer, and a bridge builder (between departments) who believes in collaborative work. Curious ones, please go to my LinkedIn page for details about my work.

A pretty well known fact is that I hate spiders, and mornings. Mornings without my yoga routine and a huge cup of coffee are just not worth waking up for. Combine those two with a good article or two, and I am happy to start my day with a smile on my face.

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger. Comment or send me an email. I’m happy to talk and discuss all things related to ux, privacy/security online, and women in tech themes.